SAP Consulting and Project Management (Book/CD-ROM package) Review

SAP Consulting and Project Management
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The book had a lot of fluff in it that is already covered in a bunch of other books.I was hoping that the CD would have some good templates so I didn't have to re-invent the wheel...thats the main thing that attracted me to the book. But the CD contained a single boring power point presentation on a rather mundane aspect of SAP.I feel like I got a bit ripped off, considering that the cover states that there's all this great stuff.
About half of the book wasn't that great,First, advice about how to fill outa resume, or how to behave in an office is a bit out of context.Second, covering the highlights of all the various SAP modules had been beat to death in other books.Third, covering what the new "" really is, and what it isn't, is covered in the trade rags, so why spend () bucks?
There is some good advice in the book for managing a SAP project, and there are pictures/diagrams of various boilerplate documents that can be used to help manage a SAP project.But without them being on the CD, the book just ain't that great.

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Managing a full cycle implementation of SAP R/3 requires more than just technical know-how. It takes careful project planning, organizing, optimum functional and technical configuration and system testing, which can be a complex process.Using the tools found inside this practical guidebook, you'll be able to successfully navigate through the critical stages of a project, and complete the job on time and within budgetary constraints.Worksheets, presentations and templates found both in the book and on the CD-ROM give tips on custom development, configuration, performance tuning, self and team management, and can help you keep tabs on schedules and monitor progress of the project.For SAP consultants, project managers or anyone wanting insight on how to successfully manage a SAP implementation project, this is the most significant and authoritative book available.

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