Practical Project Management: Tips, Tactics and Tools Review

Practical Project Management: Tips, Tactics and Tools
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Anyone who's ever tried his or her hand at project management knows that there is no single secret that guarantees success. In reality, effective project management is the result of nuts-and-bolts work in planning, organization and oversight. Smart readers will therefore bypass the scores of books promising the "10 Secrets to Project Management Success" and turn instead to Harvey A. Levine's comprehensive and slightly complex book. Without wasting words, we from getAbstract simply advise everyone in business to rely on Practical Project Management as the best guide to project management available today.

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"Harvey Levine is a recognized writer and dedicated warrior of the project management profession. Aside from years of volunteer effort to the profession (and holding the presidency of the Project Management Institute), his consulting work and writings have always smacked of practicality-thus his new book featuring 'Tips, Tactics, and Tools'. His experience, as shown clearly in this book, covers the gamut of project management. And besides all that, Harvey's writings are fun to read!"
-Paul C. Dinsmore, PMP, PMI Fellow
Author of Winning in Business with Enterprise Project Management
"Yet another book on project management? The difference is that Harvey Levine has set down his knowledge and understanding of project management honed over some forty years of experience in the industry.His latest book, Practical Project Management, provides profound practical and pragmatic advice, not just for the project management practitioner but also for senior management seeking to leverage the best out of the discipline in today's competitive world. His lighthearted style makes for easy reading without detracting from the value of the content. This book covers the whole spectrum from the new paradigms of project portfolio management to project communication and how to make it work.It integrates new ideas with true and trusted old ones, and the text is replete with 'Tips and Tools' sidebars. A very readable book, highly recommended."
-Max Wideman, FCSCE, FEIC, FICE, PMI Fellow and Past President
"Companies are putting temporary project teams onto more and more of their work, often blind to how this changes management. Practical Project Management will open a lot of eyes to the pitfalls, and in his conversational style Harvey Levine elucidates some rare and valuable guidance on everything from organizing for project management to picking tools."
-Matt Light, Research Director, Gartner Inc.
"Harvey Levine's seasoned, sensible approach to project management is apparent in this straightforward guide to practical project management.For either the experienced professional or the novice, the sections of 'Tips, Tactics, and Tools' provide useful, easy-to-grasp concepts that highlight the content of his text. Those who appreciated Harvey's practical articles on will enjoy reading his new book, and those who are not familiar with his past work are in for a treat as he leads the reader through the journey of practical project management."
-Mary Devon O'Brien, PMP, PMI Fellow, PMI Past President and Chairman
"Harvey Levine has helped shape the project management body of knowledge and our products. In this book, he shares the insights of over forty years of project management experience with great clarity, wit, and style."
-Roger Meade, CEO, Scitor Corporation
"Practical Project Management: Tips, Tactics, and Tools is another of the author's easy-to-read but quite insightful books, containing many practical ideas and suggestions for making your projects run more smoothly while achieving their planned objectives.The book includes numerous nuggets of wisdom that have been used to good advantage on successful projects and can be applied equally well to yours. This book has something for all practitioner levels, including even the most seasoned project and program managers."
-Ken Hartley, Vice President, PB Programme Management Ltd., PMI Fellow and Past President

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