Finance for Engineers: Evaluation and Funding of Capital Projects Review

Finance for Engineers: Evaluation and Funding of Capital Projects
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This textbook and reference guide is by far the best textbook/reference guide I ever saw on capital projects (i.e. project finance, infrastructure finance, etc.) evaluation and risk/return decision-making analysis. The book is broken out into four major parts:

1. Foundations (accounting principles, financial statements, proposals for capital projects, project cash flows, estimation of capital expenditure, etc.)
2. Evaluation (TVM, Discounted CF techniques, inflation, taxation, discount rate, decision analysis, sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, etc.)
3. Risk Assessment (risk and return, CAPM, CoD, CoE, WACC, Monte-Carlo simulation, real options analysis, etc.)
4. Financing (financial markets, types of loans, project finance, public-private partnerships, etc.)

The best thing about this book is not only the book is extremely well-designed and well-written, not only it is comprehensive and filled with truly useful information but also it contains numerous case studies WITH SOLUTIONS; furthermore, each chapter has multiple review questions / problems WITH SOLUTIONS.

In other words, this superb all-encompassing book is perfect for self-study.

I am not sure why the author thought this book's target audience is engineers - I believe every type of professionals working on capital projects, including financial professionals, engineers, lawyers and government officials would greatly benefit from this book.

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Engineering solutions and financial decisions are intimately tied together. The best engineers combine the technical and financial cases in determining new solutions to opportunities, challenges and problems. In order to get a project approved, no matter its size, the financials must be clear and compelling. To have an impact on the company's performance, a practising engineer must learn to argue the business case as part of the technical solution.Finance for Engineers: Evaluation and Funding of Capital Projects provides a framework for engineers and scientists to undertake financial evaluations and assessments of engineering or production projects. The material covered enables the reader to understand how the economics of a technical project affects the finances of the company. The integration of the technical and financial decision-making is demonstrated through case studies and examples relevant to the practising engineer. The book equips engineers and scientists with the tools to contribute positively to the financial and strategic decisions within the organization.

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