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Essentials of Strategic Project Management)
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I teach graduate courses in Project Management and therefore have seen many textbooks which are interesting, useful and informative.However, the one area where Mr. Callahan's book excels is exactly the one where most textbooks are lacking: a bird's eye view of the key issues in project management providing a better understanding of why one should not only be concerned about it but also how to understand it better.I would heartily recommend this book not only as a secondary book in Project Management classes, but also -- and particularly -- for those people in organizations who find themselves in need of getting a quick grasp of important issues in project management and how to sell such need to higher management. The examples provided are compelling and really do make a point.

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A high-level overview of project management
With Essentials of Strategic Project Management, executives get practical guidance, useful advice, tools, and techniques to navigate project management. This strategically focused book demystifies project management by defining many terms that project managers use that may not be familiar to executives. It also equips executives with the critical knowledge and background to implement sound project management methods, as well as gain a better understanding of project management and increase the success of existing projects.
Kevin R. Callahan, PMP (St. Charles, IL), is the founder and President of PMCi, a registered education provider for the Project Management Institute (PMI). Lynne M. Brooks, PMP (St. Charles, IL), is Vice President of PMCi and President of Lynne Brooks Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in performance and project management, and training and development.

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