The Standard for Portfolio Management Review

The Standard for Portfolio Management
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This book provides the PMI standard for portfolio management. Its a very thin book and can be read within a relative short time.

The book consists of 3 chapters and 4 appendixes. The first chapter is a short introduction to the idea of portfolio management, the second chapter explains the role of portfolio management in the organization. The third chapter is the actual standard.

The actual standard consists of 2 processes: Aligning and monitoring and controlling. Aligning consists of a bunch os sub-processes which basically boil down to "make a list of your projects and select which ones you support". The monitoring process is even simpler. The standard itself is just about 25 pages.

The appendixes are not interesting at all. It contains some tools and some history of the standard.

The standard is written somewhat boring (as most standards) and it also does not provide much new insights. If you know a little about portfolio management, then you probably know everything there is in this book.

This is not really worth reading. If you want to know more about portfolio management, you probably want to look at some other book.

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