Project Quality Management: Why, What and How Review

Project Quality Management: Why, What and How
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Kenneth H. Rose, PMP, has provided the project management world with a great book, Project Quality Management: Why, What and How. When I review books I read the material with a few principles in mind, including Technical Accuracy, Usefulness, Clarity, Concise, and Importance of the material. This book meets or exceeds these principles.

The book is set up in four sections: Quality Foundations, Quality Management, Tools for Managing Project Quality, and Quality in Practice. Starting with Quality Foundations, Kenneth takes the reader through definitions, the history of the quality movement, and introduces the pioneers of Quality. This section is presented in a technically accurate, clear and concise manner. The material gives the reader an understanding without being too deep to be boring or over done.

In the second section, Quality Management, Kenneth starts introducing the elements of the PMBOK, PMI's Project Management Book of Knowledge, the book most project managers use to plan & execute projects. To assist in using the tools, beginning in this section, Kenneth provides a case study in the Appendix that the reader uses to apply the information. The liberal use of illustrations, charts and graphs adds to the understanding of the material, and continues the accurate, clear and concise way the entire book is written. This section will be interesting to project managers not familiar with the PMBOK and the tools they may not be aware exist.

Starting in the final chapter of the Quality Management section and through the third section, Tools for Managing Project Quality, Kenneth introduces a detailed description and use of the tools of quality supplied by the pioneers of Quality as it relates to project work. In this section the information from the previous two sections is brought together very clearly to assist in actual use.

In the final section, Quality in Practice, W. Edward Deming's (one of those pioneers) Red Bead experiment is presented. The experiment is presented as a practical experiment for your team to use to confirm their new or increased knowledge before applying it to a real project. Side note: sounds like a great team building exercise.

As for the importance of the text, absolutely! It is the only book I know of written for the project management community about Project Quality Management with the PMBOK interwoven. This book could be used as a training tool or reference tool for students, novice or veteran project managers.

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