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Project Risk Management
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Currently, books on project risk management are still in their infancy, and this book is no exception. The treatment is still inadequate in many areas such as market, financial, or contractual risks. Further, there is a tendency to claim a generic approach when it is clearly not possible; risks in different industries need to be managed differently. My advice is to read the specialized books in your area, such as construction contracts if you are in construction. Amazingly, risk allocation is written into contracts, and yet existing books on project risk management tend to neglect contracts. Perhaps the authors are unfamiliar with this area.

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This is a hands-on resource for business and project risk management, designed to help the reader with risk concepts and tools. The book "demystifies" risk, a subject that has been treated many times in the literature, but from an overly quantitative view. There is a process of narrowing down risk from general uncertainty in a business or project situation and moving through definitive steps, risk planning and management, risk identification, risk assessment, risk management, risk-based scheduling, contract risk, and financial analysis.

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