Software Project Management: A Unified Framework Review

Software Project Management: A Unified Framework
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If you aren't versed in advanced project management techniques this book will be overwhelming.More important you may pick up misleading information.However, if you are a battle-scared veteran of software development projects and have a full understanding of earned value project management, estimating techniques and development life cycles you'll learn much from this book.
The highlights are:
* A project life cycle and process framework that is [obviously] closely aligned to the Rational Unified Process (RUP), and can be fitted to any rapid development or iterative approach.
* An excellent tutorial on effective project controls, with an emphasis on earned value project management.
* In-depth coverage of estimating techniques, with a lot of material on the constructive cost model (CoCoMo), and current gaps in estimating techniques and to where the craft and science of estimating and software economics needs to evolve in the discussion of next-generation cost models.I especially like his distinction between the use of source lines of code metrics for size and function points for scale.There is middle ground.The treasure trove of metrics, including core project metrics, and the change metrics that are given in Appendix C.
There is one glaring flaw in this book and an experienced project manager will quickly spot it:the proposed approach to basing work breakdown structures on project phases instead of the decomposition of the system to be delivered will not work.Using Royce's approach there is no clear way of integrating the work breakdown structure with the organizational breakdown structure.Using earned value techniques (which is well covered elsewhere in the book) Royce's approach will not align control accounts (sometimes called cost accounts), making his recommendations contrived and unworkable.
This book is better suited for an architecture-centric approach to project management, which means that it's more applicable to product development instead of internal IT projects. However, all seasoned PMs will learn much from it.

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