Value Innovation Portfolio Management: Achieving Double-digit Growth Through Customer Value Review

Value Innovation Portfolio Management: Achieving Double-digit Growth Through Customer Value
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The co-authors of this book are colleagues at Product Development Consulting, Inc. where they and their PDC associates devised and have since refined the Market-Driven Product Definition (MDPD®) methodology in response to their clients' need for a customer value dimension in their product portfolio management."We watched many of our clients make MDPD an integral part of their product development processes, then go on to use the resulting database of customer value information as input to their portfolio processes. Thus was born our idea of providing a new methodology, philosophy, and criteria for evaluating changes to the portfolio [begin italics] before [end italics] making portfolio decisions and committing company resources."

What Sheila Mello (lead author) and her collaborators have learned about value innovation portfolio (VIP) management is provided in this book. Whether or not the organizations of those who read it achieve "double-digit growth through customer value" will depend on how effectively the MDPD methodology is executed.

Here are several of the questions to which Mayo and her collaborators respond:

1. How to define or re-define a product portfolio along the value dimension?
2. What are the leading causes of product failure and how to avoid or correct them?
3. What is innovation's proper role within the MDPD methodology?
4. In what respect(s) is the "optimized" portfolio "the sweet spot"?
5. In terms of MDPD alignment, why is the "why?" so important?
6. What is an "actionable" portfolio? A "fortified" portfolio?
7. How to use MDPD to "hear the voice of the customer"?

I especially appreciate the provision of the three appendices whose material will assist, indeed expedite the formulation and implementation of a successful value innovation portfolio (VIP). Decision-makers in smaller or at least less complex organizations may prefer to devise a mini-program, try it out, and then expand or modify it. This book will be invaluable to either approach.

That said, I presume to share two caveats. First, when creating and then developing a VIP, focus on what is most important...and most appropriate. Nail the fundamentals. For example, make certain that all decisions are based on accurate, current, and sufficient information. Keep in mind what Peter Drucker once observed: Also, beware of over-complicating the VIP design and implementation process. Recall what Albert Einstein once observed: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

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Product Description:
Value Innovation Portfolio Management offers a new, proven approach to product portfolio management and innovation that uses customer value as the key predictor of success. It illustrates how shifting the portfolio management metric from financials to customer value helps companies identify innovations that delight end users and drive double-digit growth. KEY FEATURES

* Introduces a new, proven approach to creating a valuable product portfolio based on high customer value, tight business strategy alignment, and optimal investment intensity
* Reveals how to exploit unfulfilled market niches by shifting to customer value as a top portfolio criterion
* Tackles tough questions about what products to launch, where to invest/divest, and how to avoid costly product failures
* Includes real case studies showing the merits of transforming the business drivers of your product portfolio to a customer value approach
* Provides strategic vision and a blueprint for measuring customer value and using it to reinvent your portfolio management process
* Offers free downloadable articles on collecting the voice of the customer and creating a framework for measuring innovation -- available from the Web Added Value Download Resource Center

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