Troubleshooting Microsoft Project 2002 Review

Troubleshooting Microsoft Project 2002
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This book is extremely basic and offers no help to those with real project troubleshooting issues.It's really a "step-by'-step" for the project novice.If you are just getting started with project, and have little or no MS office or computer skills, this book is for you.If you are looking for best practice tips and techniques, or help in solving real-world project issues, move on to another title.

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Product Description:
TROUBLESHOOTING MICROSOFT PROJECT 2002 provides fast answers to problems that can arise when using the Project 2002 project management application. The book addresses project plans, tasks, resources, assignments, reporting, and more.. Each section of the book opens with a troubleshooting chart to help quickly diagnose the source of the problem. It offers clear, step-by-step solutions, along with pointers to solutions for more complex problems. Helpful screenshots keep you on track as you work, and handy tips, quick-access charts, and an extensive index lead to dozens of more fast answers.

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