Piping Engineering Leadership for Process Plant Projects Review

Piping Engineering Leadership for Process Plant Projects
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This book is poorly written. The author started out with an objective which he did not achieve at the conclusion of the book. The chapter on estimating provides no guidance on design manhours estimate for a piping project. There is no new information here for a person on the verge of piping leadership. Any person who is put in a leadership position without mentoring has been set-up for a potential failure. Any engineering firm which does the same is not treating itself well.

The book is written with the 2nd person pronoun (which means the reader or YOU)in a style that lectures or giving out sermon. The author should have sent the book for technical and literary style editing before publishing it. There is nothing in the book on how to manage a piping engineering project nor a small piping department. It talks on piping engineering lead, with responsibilities that matches that of project management but failed to discus it.

I regret buying this book in 2001. Over the years I seldom read it, and every time I read it, there is no guidance not enlightenment I can gain from it.

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Product Description:
James O. Pennock has compiled 45 years of personal experience into this how-to guide.Focusing on the position of "lead in charge," this book is an indispensable resource for anyone, new or seasoned veteran, whose job it is to lead the piping engineering and design of a project.

The "lead" person is responsible for the successful execution of all piping engineering and design for a project, technical and non-technical aspects alike.The author defines the roles and responsibilities a lead will face and the differences found in various project types.

Incorporates four decades of personal experience in a How-To guide
Focuses on the position of "lead in charge"
Includes coverage of topics often ignored in other books yet essential for success:management, administrative, and control responsibilities

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