Delivering on Your e-Promise: Managing e-Business Projects Review

Delivering on Your e-Promise: Managing e-Business Projects
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My advice is to read this book cover to cover before starting your next e-business project because you'll learn about the many ways for that project to fail if you don't take the risks and pitfalls into account.
In spite of the title the book is all about project risk management, and it delivers a wealth of information in a highly readable fashion.Every project manager will benefit from the advice in this book, as will business users and technical team members.It's also easy to read and is beautifully illustrated with graphs and charts that give meaning to points that they author makes.
While some may criticize this book using unsupported opinion remember that those who can do and those who can't teach.Buy this book and learn from it.

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BOO DOT COM. Three words that bring e-project managers out in a cold sweat. Getting things wrong in this business is embarrassing and expensive at best - fatal at worst.Any e-business project is about two things: business and how to handle IT resources. Most people working in the area have a background in only one of those areas. This will be a book that bridges the divide. It's not about technology and toys, its about getting you project delivered on time and on budget. Business people need to be aware of the issues involved in running a project that is IT based. IT people need to be aware of the business issues that are driving a project. Many "e" books concentrate on the glamorous dotcom start ups running e-commerce, business-to-consumer, retailing at a loss. This book will also spend a lot of time looking at the less sexy but infinitely more profitable e-business of the business-to-business (B2B) sector that currently constitutes 80% by value of all electronic transactions. This is a book for realists. Yes, you could be the next Jeff Bezzos, but you probably won't be.What you can be, if you read this book, is the person who delivered a realistic and profitable e-business project on time and on budget.

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