Microsoft® Project Server 2002 Review

Microsoft® Project Server 2002
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The 1st third of this book is basically just the Project Server ReadMe file.I'm left wondering in the author wrote the ReadMe or was simply inspired by it ƒ┬║
The rest of the book contains some useful information on how Project Server functions under-the-hood, including some very useful VBA scripting examples and an excellent overview of the Project Server SQL database structure.The database overview comes complete with the naming conventions employed to develop the database, data types for important table fields, a short description of the purpose of the field, and Visio-style relational table diagrams of the database structure.
VBA and database development definitely seem to be Qimao Zhang's forte.Although weak in the setup and installation section, this book will make an excellent reference once Project Server is installed and end users begin pushing for customizations and tweaks.

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Product Description:
Here's the expert, hands-on guidance that administrators and users need to fully exploit the collaborative capabilities in Microsoft Project Server 2002. The book uses easy-to-follow instructions to walk you through the steps for evaluation, installation, configuration, and customization. This comprehensive guide also shows you how to create powerful analysis reports and utilize SharePoint Team Services to keep your projects in line with business initiatives.Portions (c) 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Used with permission from Microsoft Corporation.

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