Failsafe Is Project Delivery Review

Failsafe Is Project Delivery
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This book breaks you out of the stale circle of literature about project failure and silver-bullet recipes for success.
Sure, it is a good reference book to have for its extensive coverage of the field. It has been a worthwhile purchase for the quotable statistics and multiple case examples of project failure alone.It is clear that Andrew Holmes is exceptionally well-read in the subject, and the voluminous chapter references to other literature on project management are valuable in their own right.
What makes the case to read this book irresistible, however, are the insights.Some of the chapter headings make the point -"Business and IT: they just can't communicate"; "Over-commitment...when failure is the only option; "Eliminating the culture-gap".The text has scores of refreshing views.Andrew avoids, indeed scorns, the temptation to produce yet another single-ingredient recipe for project success.
If, as I do, you like to collect and use quotations to liven-up your communication, this book is another useful source.Every chapter begins with one or more stimulating extracts.For example, on optimizing delivery: "Software problems are not natural disasters like earthquakes or tornadoes in which human actions are more or less inconsequential.In fact, software disaters are entirely man-made, and we also have the ability to prevent them from occurring if we choose to do so" (Capers-Jones).
Most of the observations and ideas in the book are original and complex, but the text style is lively and readable and there is a novel diagram and illustration on almost every other page.
I can't speak highly enough of this book as a splash of colour in the otherwise rather worthy field of analysis of project failure.

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Based on research and practical experience, this text highlights the contributory factors leading to project failure. The buisiness-IT culture gap, information politics, escalating commitment, the problem of high investment and low return, and accountability for failure are all covered.

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