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My view on what a good software book ought to look like has changed a bit over the years. I use to think it needed to include all of the step-by-steps with detailed examples, but the books just kept coming outwith longer and longer list of steps that took forever to navigate. Then Iwanted comprehensive desktop reference books but found I never read themand I was always throwing them out with my increasing number of phone booksthat would pile up in my office. Often I would buy one of those books andthen realize when the new version came out I had never even opened thebook. I am not sure why I though I would read several 1000+ page technicalreference books a year. I can't even get throught the New York Times onSundays anymore. Besides, MSP on-line help has improved so much thatapproach seems a bit dated.
Oh yes, I am embarrassed to admit, I toohave bought the dummy and idiot books. I won't say more.
For me,learning software is all up to me. I have to teach myself and all I need isa basic guide to work with. I want simple, clean, easy to read, andto-the-point types of books. You know, books that give you just the rightamount of information about topic to get you pointed in the rightdirection. Books, that you mind to much when you find yourself sort ofthumbing through topics. Sort of learning and little, and then moving toanother topic. This book fits the bill for me. I know software pretty wellso I just want the "gist of a topic," a good screen example, and thena couple of steps. Then I am off figuring out the rest on my own.
What Ialso like about this book is the consistency in approach and organization.Every page has two screen captures in the same location. The steps areright below them, and a topic is only going to span a couple of pages.
Ilike the blue. The book feels good.
One thing I found myself doing withthis book is looking up all of the web sites referenced on the odd-numberedpages. Found some cool project management stuff along the way and readchapters that caught my eye.
Seems MSP is starting to look more like aproject management tool with its new WBS custom codes and network diagramthat seems to actually work. Now, if Microsoft would only spend a littlemoney on the product and give us a multiple undo (say at least 100) for alittle if-then-thinking, I would be a happy planner.
Ray Coker

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This step-by-step tutorial gives you the information and visuals you need to quickly master Microsoft's powerful scheduling software. You'll come down with a textbook case of learning when you cover everything from starting a project to creating macros that automate project management. Find your own solutions to your project planning problems with this proven self-teaching method.

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