90 Days to Launch: Internet Projects on Time and on Budget Review

90 Days to Launch: Internet Projects on Time and on Budget
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I was very excited to read 90 DAYS TO LAUNCH by Shayne Gilbert, being a Project Manager and MBA graduate in Chicago (seeing Shayne's Northwestern background), but was extremely disappointed in this book. The title is all wrong! "Internet projects on time and on budget" leads the reader to believe this is a resource for Project Managers (and actually states it is for PMs at some point) when it would better suit small business owners who might never have taken a class in business strategy! I hoped for some tips to help refine my PM skills, but once Shayne gets to scheduling, budgeting, and building a team, she points you to making a vendor selection - and it is only the vendor who can figure out if your scope can be achieved in the desired schedule and budget. How convenient that her website, 90daystolaunch, takes you to her consulting firm, no? ...

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The First Guidebook for Managers on Delivering Internet Projects
"Written by a proven entrepreneur with significant experience deploying multiple complex Web businesses, 90 Days acts as a blueprint for defining, branding, architecting, scheduling, budgeting, and launching successful digital strategies." -Scott Cohen, President and Founder, Newmediary.com
"90 Days to Launch is the best compilation of checklists and blueprints that I've seen to keep a Web development process on time and on strategy." -James Chung, CEO, Beansprout Networks
"Internet projects are inherently difficult to manage-technology and requirements change constantly and delivery schedules are always being pressed to the limit. Shayne's primer is a great jump-start for Internet managers forced to perform in these market conditions." -Jonathan Guerster, General Partner, Charles River Ventures
"90 Days to Launch will do for the Internet what Joy of Sex did for the boudoir."-Scott Kirsner, The Boston Globe
"Written in a straightforward, no-nonsense style, Shayne Gilbert's 90 Days to Launch debunks the myth that successful Web projects demand fortuitous planetary alignment or supernatural acts by the project lead. This book should be read by everyone engaged in or responsible for Internet projects." -Bruce Johnston, President, idealab! Boston

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