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Project Manager's Toolkit
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Over the last few years we have transitioned into an ITL model where I work.We are extremely heavy into project management which seems to be a big compenent to this standard.This is a fantastic book for someone new to running a whole project without the experience.It helps you understand how to ask the right questions to the right people.This book will help you at any stage of a project to keep it moving; identify land mines in the process that can put a project in trouble. This book is a must along with other in the Computer Weekly Professional Series!

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Product Description:
'The Project Manager's Toolkit' provides a quick reference checklist approach to drive an IT development project as well as solve issues that arise in the process. It can be used proactively to set a project on the right course and reactively for solutions to problems.

It will:

* help identify what needs doing next on an IT project
* provide quick reference 'to-do' lists for use throughout the lifecycle of an IT project
* answer the need for material that can be used to quality-check project deliverables

It has been designed so that those on the project team who are facing a problem can pick up the book, turn to a relevant checklist and use it as a "starter-for-ten" to find a solution. For example, how to analyse data for a data-conversion exercise, or how to measure the quality of a project deliverable.'The Project Manager's Toolkit' therefore provides a fast way to reduce an insolvable problem/issue to a set of smaller solvable ones

Practical and easy to apply checklists to solve problems that arise during systems development
Designed so that specific checklists can be easily referred to - no need to read through lots of material to find a solution
Long-term use - comprehensive checklists for a variety of circumstances over the development lifecycle

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