The Trousers of Reality - Volume One: Working Life Review

The Trousers of Reality - Volume One: Working Life
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This book made me open up the windows in my head to let in some fresh air on daily activities I thought I knew well - planning, communicating, prioritising - helping to blow away the accumulated cruft, leaving the essential lessons bare and showing mew ways to grow and improve.

The style is personal and engaging, drawing on the authors experience of coaching and software development and centuries of work from thinkers around the world to reveal a deeper perspective on the reasons that projects succeed and fail.

Looking forward to volume II.

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This book explores the knowledge and wisdom of 3000 years. It shows how the discoveries of the great philosophers and scientists are about what you do every day. It proposes that there is a root and branch to excellence and that skills distilled in one context can be transferred to another. As a case study it focuses on the transfer of skills between programming software and Management. It shows that the deep principles, that make both work, are reciprocal. Art, philosophy, psychology, history, science, music and DIY are explored in a search for principles that work. It shows you how to discover why they work and how to apply all of the skills you might have however you came by them. This book is for you if you would like to understand how to make best use of all of the resources available to you. It is aimed at those who see life, both work and play, as an amazing opportunity to achieve excellence and find meaning in every breath. This book will not teach you to think outside the box. It will make you question the existence of boxes.

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