Stop IT Project Failures: through Risk Management (Computer Weekly Professional Series) Review

Stop IT Project Failures: through Risk Management
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The theme of this book is risk management as it relates to IT projects, and the focus is on IT development projects in particular.Most of the material at the beginning of the book is standard fare, with an overview of IT risk management, and a discussion of common risks associated with development projects.However, after the basics are presented the author's extensive knowledge and perspective surfaces, making this one of the better books on the subject.
Highlights of the book include in-depth material about financial analysis of risks and major risk drivers, an interesting (and valid) discussion of relationships and ripple effects showing how the manifestation of one risk can cascade into a disaster if risk mitigation and controls are absent from project plans.
Additionally this book shows how to establish and manage a risk program, and provides a case study to reinforce the approach and recommendations presented in the book.Among the aspects of this book I most like are the copious use of tables and checklists, and the focus on business issues. These characterize all of the author's books, most of which I've read, and like those books this one stands out as complete and well thought out on the subject.

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Product Description:
This book is about information systems development failures and how to avoid them.

It considers what goes wrong with information systems development projects and what actions may be taken to avoid potential difficulties.The reduction of the impact,or even the elimination of the problems,is discussed in terms of an information systems risk management programme.

Stop I.T.Project failure helps to ensure that IS project managers are successful in helping to deliver application systems. However, IS development risk can never be entirely eliminated and consequently the practitioner needs to bear in mind that an IS development project is never without risk, and hence there is a continuing potential for something to go wrong.

The book covers the key issues and variables and makes specific practical suggestions about the good management practice that is required to implement IS project risk processes.

Dr. Dan Remenyi has spent more than 25 years working in the field of corporate computers and information systems. He has worked with computers as an IS professional, business consultant and user. In all these capacities he has been primarily concerned with benefit realisation and obtaining the maximum value for money from the organisations' information systems investment and effort. He has worked extensively in the field of information systems project management, specialising in the area of project risk identification and management. He has written a number of books and papers in the field of IT management and regularly conducts courses and seminars as well as working as a consultant in this area. Dr.Dan Remenyi holds a B.Soc.Sc., an MBA and a PhD. He is a Visiting Professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenberg, Sweden and an associate member of faculty at Henley Management College in the United Kingdom.

asks what goes wrong with IT projects
shows how to perform a financial analysis for the risks looks at how to minimise the impact
shows you how to manage a risk program

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