Effective IT Project Management: Using Teams to Get Projects Completed on Time and Under Budget Review

Effective IT Project Management: Using Teams to Get Projects Completed on Time and Under Budget
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The project management section of your local bookstore is overflowing with useless information. This state has nothing to do with the quality of the writing or presentation, it has to do with the realization that 95% of the books on the shelf simply don't apply to your specific situation.

I am a manager of software and technical projects working for a non-technical company. Our "family run" business grew from 200 people to 1000 almost overnight with satellite offices worldwide. Our employee growth occurred at the lowest levels of the company, pushing inexperienced management upward. Lacking mentors and with ad hoc business practices, we have all had to discover our own paths. This clumsy growth was often punctuated by moments of revelation: We would discover a process that worked after months of trial and error only to discover that we had reinvented an accepted project management principle.

Anita Rosen's book "Effective IT Project Management" is a mentor in a book. She explains in simple language where the fence posts go and how to hook the support boards in place to coral your project. It was exactly the sort of hand-holding I needed to get my stalled, failing projects moving in the right direction.

The book is split into sections that cover tangible, encapsulated phases of an IT project. Each chapter opens with an explanation of roles, responsibilities and expectations; follows with well compartmentalized sections on how to execute the phase, then concludes with `key points' that summarize the take-away information.

What sold me on this book was resonance. Every now and again, Anita makes an aside where she explains how projects are delayed or fail at this point because of xyz... Most of these points, sadly enough, struck home with such uncanny accuracy, I found myself frequently jabbing my finger at the page, shouting, "YES! EXACTLY!" in my library-quiet office. These moments of epiphany were capped with practical advice on how to avoid thes common failures.

This book is indispensable for new IT managers in fast-growing companies whether IT is your business or just a part of your business.

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"Effective IT Project Management gives you a complete blueprint for overseeing every step of your projects, from initial planning to completion. You'll learn a proven system for planning and executing IT projects all the way through the project management life cycle, and get important insight into the overall responsibilities and goals of a product team. Giving you indispensable tools to help you make informed decisions and focus your time and efforts for maximum impact, the book outlines, in detail, every step of the project life cycle.Simply written and containing in-depth analysis for beginners and advanced project managers alike, the book breaks the entire project down into easily understandable steps, making it simple to manage and keeping you and your team from becoming overwhelmed in the face of complex challenges. Packed with examples, explanations, and indispensable information, Effective IT Project Management is a practical, one-stop resource that will help you take the uncertainty out of IT projects.Effective IT Project Management takes you step-by-step through the completion of an IT project, showing you how to plan, implement, manage, and organize both simple and complicated hardware and software projects. Using a project management life cycle approach in line with the methods espoused by the Project Management Institute (PMI®).

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