How to Run Successful High-Tech Project-Based Organizations Review

How to Run Successful High-Tech Project-Based Organizations
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After working for various consulting companies I have discovered that the best have established processes that are based on project management and customer satisfaction, and the worst have no processes at all.This book provides a recipe from going from worst to best.
This is the second of Mr. O'Connell's books that I have read. The first was Running Successful Projects, in which he provides excellent advice on how to effectively and skillfully manage projects.In How to Run Successful High-Tech Project-Based Organizations he extends these practices to organizations, and does so by providing a step-by-step approach and a performance model that is the basis for company-wide processes.
He gives ten steps that every consulting or service company needs to incorporate, and does so in a clear and methodical manner. The steps themselves are easy, the barrier is leadership and management from the top.Unfortunately, Mr. O'Connell doesn't address how to get management on board, but that is outside of the scope of this book.My personal view is Mr. O'Connell advises and the wise will abide.
I thought that the two strongest chapters in this book were the organization-wide status report, which is sorely missing in too many companies, and the program for project-based organization. The organization-wide status report is the key to achieving teamwork because it communicates to the entire company and makes everyone a stakeholder in the company's success instead of relegating them to a cog in an impersonal machine.This, by the way, is one of the most basic tenets of good leadership, and the lack of leadership is why too many consulting companies are in chaos, have abysmal records for execution, and poor client satisfaction.
Part three of this book offers the real roadmap to success: treating your organization as a project.This is a unique approach and is really an excellent foundation for strategic and tactical planning.I saw how this aspect of Mr. O'Connell's approach provides the essence of a vision, mission statement and values.
This book, if read and taken to heart at the right level in a consulting company (or any other kind of company that delivers services), can make the difference between achieving world-class status and extinction.There would be less material for Dilbert cartoons if everyone read this book and applied the information.

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Product Description:
Provides instruction on applying structured project management company-wide.Discusses how to increase customer satisfaction, shorten time to market, gain market edge, cut costs, increase revenue and profit, and bolster employee morale. DLC: High technology industries--Management.

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