Construction Scheduling with Primavera Project Planner (2nd Edition) Review

Construction Scheduling with Primavera Project Planner
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This book provides an overview of the scheduling process first.Then, the author starts to tie P3 into puzzle.The end result is that you have resource that you can read from start to finish, and also use it as areference once you have finished reading the book.The author also toucheson many of the advanced capabilities of P3.I am somewhat biased towardthis book.The author is the one who actually taught me how to use P3while developing this book.He teaches a class on scheduling at TexasA&M University.I am currently recommending my coworkers who areinvolved in scheduling to read this book.I would highly recommend it toanyone involved in scheduling with P3 or Suretrak.We have had greatsuccess with teaching our project managers how to use P3 using this book. The first part of the book is usefull for project managers who are notinvolved in P3 "hands-on", but who are involved in projects thatuse P3.It helps the project managers understand the scheduling process. It also helps the project scheduler because the project manager isproviding better feedback.

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Updated to reflect the latest release of Primavera Project Planner, this hands-on volume helps readers develop both a proficiency in construction planning and a working knowledge of Primavera Project Planner. Cumulative chapter exercises give readers hands-on experience in working through a complete project simulation--from planning the project, to monitoring the project, through actual construction. Assumes a basic understanding of how construction projects are estimated, how they are assembled, and a basic understanding of the Windows operating environment. The Estimate Process. Scheduling Logic. Calculating the Project Schedule. Creating and Saving Projects. Primavera Project Setup. Loading Schedule Logic. Tabular and Graphic Output. Summarizing the Schedule. Summarizing the Schedule. Resource Loading. Cost Loading and Cash Flow. Program Planning and Control. Project Analysis and Estimating. For Construction Schedulers and Construction Project Managers.

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