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Gower Handbook of Project Management
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Described as 'an encyclopaedia for the profession of project management', this 830 page reference manual has 45 chapters in seven parts covering every aspect of management with which a project manager may be concerned. Each chapter covers an issue (health and safety, ethics, contract law, information systems) in considerable depth, with an excellent listing of references at the end of each chapter to more detailed texts and to linked sections of the Handbook. It is written for the professional and the formal student of project management rather than for the generalist who happens to become engaged in a project.

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This book is intended as a handbook for project management practitioners. The aim is to give an introduction to, and overview of, the essential knowledge required for managing projects. A team of experienced practitioners have been selected to introduce the reader to the knowledge and skills required to manage projects.There are four parts:
* Projects: describing the context of projects in organizations, and their nature
* Performance: describing how to manage the delivery of the project, covering scope, quality, cost, time, resources, risk, etc
* Process: describing the project management life-cycle and each stage of it
* People: describing how to manage the people working on projects.

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