The Earned Value Management Maturity Model Review

The Earned Value Management Maturity Model
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The first half of this book rates 5 stars for the explanation of Earned Value and particularly the section on Earned Schedule Management which is not widely known or practiced.The second half was not as good or of as much value to me but I definitely recommend the book for the first half.

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The Earned Value Management Maturity Model® gives you the fundamental tools needed to build an effective Earned Value Management System (EVMS). This must-have resource makes earned value management easy by defining a maturity model and describing metrics to measure the health and efficiency of your EVMS. Discover valuable ways to improve your EVMS and achieve project success. Through point by point discussions, you will:-Gain fundamental knowledge of Earned Value Management (EVM) -Learn how EVM can be applied to a team, project, program, or organization -Understand how to define what your organization wants from its EVMS -Discover a five stage maturity model for EVMS implementation -Bring your EVMS in line with ANSI 748 guidelines -Review many real or imagined impediments to implementing EVM and how to overcome the real ones PLUS you'll gain practical EVM experience through a comprehensive case study that follows a fictional company and newly hired project manager. By applying the EVM knowledge and skills covered in the book, the project manager illustrates the ease of implementing an effective EVMS!

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