Building Project-Management Centers of Excellence (With CD-ROM) Review

Building Project-Management Centers of Excellence
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I was optimistic given everyone's positive comments and since I am, myself, in the process of designing a project management center of excellence, I took a risk and bought it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it at my local bookstore to flip through it first and now I know why, nobody would buy it if they could see it first. The material is appropriate only at the most basic level of project management capabilities. If you've been at it for only a year or two, you might find it helpful, but if you are truly implementing one (as the title claims), you better already know all this stuff and a whole lot more. I wasted my money, don't waste yours. This is my first review and I don't usually write them but this purchase disappointed me.

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Product Description:
It's been shown again and again that business components from R & D to systems, engineering to manufacturing can benefit from a project-centered management approach. Now, organizations that have had success at the departmental or divisional level are taking the project management approach to new levels, adopting PM standards into across-the-board management philosophies and business strategies.
This new model is known as the Project Management Center of Excellence. PMCoEs need every group within the organization to work under the PM model, but more important, they need the proper tools to implement PM standards in new areas. A crucial tool in developing project management objectives across the company, this book covers:
* Positioning project management as a business strategy* Creating and managing an organizational PM portfolio* Education, training, and internal PM certification programs* Classifying projects, benchmarking, and mapping a methodology.
Includes templates, figures, definitions, and a free CD-ROM featuring a complete methodology and guidelines for establishing a department of project management.

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