Titanic Lessons for IT Projects Review

Titanic Lessons for IT Projects
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Reviewed by Regan Windsor for Reader Views (9/06)

Any failed project can feel as catastrophic as the sinking of the Titanic, and we can all learn from the lessons of failed projects."Titanic Lessons for IT Projects" brings both these premises together by taking a look at the lifespan of the building and sailing of the Titanic "project" and comparing the lessons learned to that of the IT Project life cycle.

"Titanic Lessons for IT Projects" analyzes all facets of the building, marketing, and sailing of the Titanic.Full of informative diagrams, details, and insight it provides interesting and informative information on project management from lessons learned in the sinking of the Titanic.

The Titanic, like many IT projects, faced many failures after the project was deemed complete and "in production."However, many of the failures can be attributed to processes and design compromises throughout the project.Non-functional items were cut back to make way for more functional requirements (such as reducing the height of the bulkheads to allow for a larger ballroom, thereby reducing the ships ability to contain flooding).Proper testing was not carried out at various phases of the project due to pressures of time constraints and overconfidence; again major pitfalls in IT projects.

Just as project management companies can gain valuable insight for future projects through the analysis of both successful and, more importantly, failed projects the project management world can benefit from an analysis of the failure of one of the world's most famous failed projects.Not only does "Titanic Lessons for IT Projects" highlight the importance of testing, design, and ensuring the project does not become blinded by external agendas, it does so by providing real life analysis from an intriguing and thorough analysis of a historical legend.Full of fascinating facts and analysis it is easy to forget you are learning the facets of project management!

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Product Description:
Do you have the "perfect project?"
Don't be so sure...

R.M.S. Titanic was considered by many, including its designers and builders to be an unsinkable ship. With redundant safety systems that used the latest emerging technologies of the day, the ship was considered so safe that it did not even need a full complement of lifeboats. Yet, a collision with an iceberg put an end to the ship on its maiden voyage and led to the deaths of thousands of passengers and crew. The sinking of Titanic is one of the worst maritime disasters ever.
Titanic Lessons for IT Projects analyzes the project that designed, built, and launched the ship, showing how compromises made during early project stages led to serious flaws in this supposedly "perfect ship." In addition, the book explains how major mistakes during the early days of the ship's operations led to the disaster. All of these disasterous compromises and mistakes were fully avoidable.

Author Mark Kozak-Holland shows how the lessons learned from the disaster can be applied to IT projects today. In modern IT projects, we often have situations where we believe that we have designed, built, or launched a "perfect" solution. Kozak-Holland juxtaposes the Titanic story and modern IT projects so that we can learn from the disaster and avoid making similar mistakes.

Entertaining and full of intriguing historical details, the book helps project managers and IT executives see the impact of decisions similar to the ones that they make every day. An easy read full of illustrations and photos to help explain the story and to help drive home some simple lessons.

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