Surprise! Now You're a Software Project Manager Review

Surprise  Now You're a Software Project Manager
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As a seasoned software project manager I found Bas De Baar's book very interesting. When I started as a software and web development pm there wasn't much in the way of good project management books, let alone ones focused on working with software. "Surprise!" is a real gem that PMs working in technology will definitely get something out of. It's easy to read and stuffed with solid advice and valuable information for someone thrust into a new project management role. It also contains some interesting insights, tips and tricks that someone with more experience can benefit from.

I also liked the fact that the book is based on real world experience and isn't selling the latest(elusive) silver bullet methodology. It's a must-read for newer tech PMs and others might consider adding it to their PM toolkit for the examples and from-the-trenches perspective it provides.

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It's late Friday afternoon and you have just been told by your boss that you will be the project manager for a new software development project starting first thing on Monday morning. Congratulations! Now, if only you had taken some project management training... This book was written as a crash course for people with no project management background but who still are expected to manage a small software development project. It cuts through the jargon and gives you the basics: practical advice on where to start, what you should focus on, and where you can cut some corners. This book could help save your project... and your job!

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