International Project Management: Leadership in Complex Environments Review

International Project Management: Leadership in Complex Environments
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This is a well structured and enjoyable book. Good examples are given throughout. It shows how project leaders (Chapter 4 `Leading Diversity) could excel in international situations in part because they will be able to put project events and situations into proper perspective. This perspective will help them to understand the project risks involved, and the degree to which international events will actually affect them. "Although the book is a blend of practice and theory, it is also our hope that it exposes the reader to more than just project management thinking, for that is what international project managers must possess". This objective has been achieved and is probably the best reason why one entering or already involved in international projects should read this book. Also worth remembering is that the processes that are described are "a goal that must be modified to fit the conditions encountered". This should be kept in mind as it shows those involved in international projects that one has to use the tools to suit each project individually. As an ex-International worker in construction I have no doubt I would have benefited from reading this book had it been available. As a lecturer in project management to undergraduate engineers I will without hesitation recommend this book as essential reading for those who intend to enter the international market.

Luke Allan MA MSc (PM) MSc (MMT) MEngSc (IT/AEC)
Lecturer/Course Co-ordinator

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Product Description:
The theory, practice, and example projects of international project management
A Singaporean corporation builds a manufacturing facility in Cambodia, with a Chinese partner, a Cambodian government agency, and value chain organizations in Germany, Morocco, Vietnam, and Brazil.
A Russian charity operates in the Balkans and the Persian Gulf. Pharmaceuticals and food come from ten different countries, physicians are from the EU and Russia, and donations are from Central Asia and the subcontinent.
A transnational organization markets through divisions in eighty-two countries. The products are designed in Italy, Sweden, and France, with customization done in each respective country.
International projects involve a complex network of cultures, politics, laws, languages, and resources that goes beyond the traditional training and experience of most project managers. International Project Management examines the different dimensions and responsibilities of international projects, and outlines what a project manager must know to lead global projects successfully. It also provides guidelines and examples for the international project management processes.
This book explores the professional best practices of international projects, emphasizing the importance of leadership skills and virtual teamwork to successfully navigate an international project. Along with discussions on the process groups, such as initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing out, this reference is organized according to these knowledge areas:

    Introduction to international project management

    Integration management

    HR management (Diversity & Communications)

    Scope management

    Cost and progress management

    Risk management

    Time management

    Customer satisfaction (Quality)

    Procurement management

    CPE in the future

Integrating the PMBOK Guide-Fourth Edition, and the ICB, International Project Management provides international project managers, whether experienced or beginners, with the high cross-cultural intelligence, creative communication skills, ability to establish and maintain dependable project management processes, and compelling curiosity to manage international projects successfully.

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