People Skills for Project Managers Review

People Skills for Project Managers
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This book is really a must !
It covers motivation quite extensively by presenting various models that give different and complementary perspectives (Maslow's, age dependent, generation driven, professional development related).
It also presents the classic Myers-Brigg's personality types and links these personality types to motivation factors which makes this knowledge practical.
I appreciated the career tips through the book , e.g. the 2-minute introduction. This book is easy to read and provides a lot of tips from real-life experience.

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Product Description:
With this complete guide to dealing with problems that surface within the project team, you'll learn how to apply new, tangible skills for managing people problems, help team members improve interpersonal communications, foster the dynamics and behaviors that make a successful team, apply a process for conflict resolution, motivate team members who have different personal styles, deal with the team member with a performance problem, handle a critical incident that strikes the project team, and boost productivity with swift, skillful handling of employee problems. It will save time and expedite solutions with a single source for finding the answers you need.

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