Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Advice For Successful Projects Review

Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Advice For Successful Projects
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Neal Whitten discusses project management best practices in an easy-to-digest format. He bypasses theory and verbose explanations and delivers advice in 5-8 page sections. The first part of each section provides the meat, accompanied by sidebars summing up the page's contents, and then followed questions and answers related to the topic.

I have been reading Whitten in "PM Network" and hearing him at local PMI chapter presentations and this book is a compilation of that material plus additional. The content is perfect for a seasoned project manager who has actual experience to reflect on as they consider Whitten's advice.

A strength of this book is also a weakness, thus only four stars above. While the book is easy to read and maintains a sharp focus, there is also a lot of white space, with large margins, and the constant summarizing and re-summarizing with sidebars and related Q&A does lead to some skimming.

This is one of the few project management books I have ever read that would make a good audio book. With concise advice like "Are you too soft?", "Inspect what you expect", "Manage to your top three problems", and "Escalate is not a dirty word", his message is very effectively delivered, understood, and remembered.

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Product Description:
There's no better way to learn the nuts and bolts of a profession than by having a mentor at your side. But most project managers and leaders don't have that advantage and thats why Neal Whitten wrote this book.
Having Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Advice for Successful Projects on hand is like having a mentor to guide you at every turn in the road. Neal shows you how to avoid a painful learning curve with a set of best practices for leading consistently successful projects.
In this book, Neal distills his 30 years of experience into tips and strategies that are easy to learn and apply to your projects. These strategies will give you a decisive competitive edge in leading projects and working with stakeholders, clients, and team members.
Learn How to:
-Run your project like you would run your own business
-Become abenevolent dictator for the most effective leadership
-Recognize and deal with professional immaturity
-Deal with difficult people
-Master behaviors that will make your team leaders jobs easier andbenefit your own career
-Assess if you are too soft and learn to make unpopular decisions if they are necessary to project success
-Create a culture that fosters the success of your project
-Gain the respect of your team members
-Avoid making long-term project commitments
-Manage your top three problems

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