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Successful Project Management
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Trevor Young, this book's author, is a prolific author of project management and process improvement books that are characterized by brevity, rich content and expert advice.This book has all of those characteristics.
At 155 pages this book is brief, but the range of topics, excellent use of illustrations, tables and checklists pack rich information into the relatively small page count.More importantly, though, is the way the book is structured, and the expertise that the author shares.
Highlights: Chapters 2 and 3 delve into factors for success and cover both obvious and subtle factors.In my opinion even seasoned project managers will learn a few tricks.In particular, the process outlined in Chapter 3 is a clearly defined model that every project manager should adopt.Chapters 4 through 10 cover each major topic area in the process, including project conception and initiation, definition, stakeholder management, risk management, planning and estimating, launching and controlling the project, and shutting down the project.
Although the book flows in a sequence, each chapter can be read independently of the preceding ones, and each chapter is crammed with best practices, techniques for satisfying requirements of critical success factors, and checklists. The best feature of this book is that it goes to the key points, clearly explains them and shows how to use them in real projects.

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The role of project manager requires maintaining a balance between the demands of the customer, project, team and the organization. This provides a real challenge in the fields of time management and prioritization. Successful Project Management will enable any manager to significantly raise the probability of success with their projects and contains practical and well-tested techniques. It covers project conception and start-up, managing project stakeholders, managing risks, project planning, project launch and execution, closure and evaluation.

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