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Project 2003 for Dummies
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Facing the new year with numerous relatively small projects that I felt were out of control, I resolved to take action. I believed that my planning tasks were unlikely to tax the abilities of Project 2003, and was not really interested in knowing every detail of the software. I picked up this book, and was able to read the sections of interest--about 75% of the content--on a flight from Atlanta to San Jose. I was not disappointed. By the evening of January 10, my three most pressing projects were organized, resources were assigned, and realistic finish dates had been determined. The book gave me the information I needed to get results without false starts. While the attempts at folksy humor can be a tad annoying, the prose is generally clear and understandable. I doubt this is the book for you if you are managing a major project with dozens of people. However, if your projects are jobs like press releases, webinars, and minor software releases, you will likely be well served by it.

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Product Description:
Check out case histories to see how Project works
Explore Project Server and use SharepointTMto manage projects in multiple locations
Did you know you've been managing projects ever since you tackled your first coloring book? Now both the projects and the problems are bigger, but if you manage to grab this book, you'll discover easy ways to collect and track data, share resources, prepare budgets, develop reports, and make your projects successful with Project.
Discover how to:

    Build Project plans
    Set up calendar settings, task outlines, and timing relationships
    Assign resources
    Incorporate smaller projects into a master project
    Modify item formatting
    Integrate Project with Outlook®

All this on the bonus CD-ROM

    A selection of add-on tools and templates
    Case history examples
    Test preparation questions for the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification exam
    Milestones Project Companion® and Project KickStart trial versions
    Cobra, WBS Chart Pro, PERT Chart Expert, and TimeSheet Professional® demo versions

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