PgMP: Program Management Professional Exam Study Guide Review

PgMP: Program Management Professional Exam Study Guide
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I'm a trainer in the fields of project management and program management and have found this book as the best not only for PgMP exam preparation but also for learning the basics of program management.
First, for the PgMP Exam:
The best strength of this book is that it follows and covers the official exam specifications by PMI very closely and thoroughly. Yes, if you have time you can go through different references such as, Program Management Standard (which you should go through any way), and relevant parts of other references such asPMBOK Guide 3rd Edition, OPM3 model doc, and some other references to learn the material covered by the PgMP exam as specified in the exam specifications. You can take the relevant pieces of information from these different resources and references and put them together, but it will take a lot of effort. This book integrates these pieces of information together in a seamless fashion. So, it's a great time saver.
Bottom line: this book gives you the body of knowledge that the exam covers. That siad, no book can be a substitute for your experience. To pass the PgMP exam, you need the body of knowledge presented in this book PLUS your experience.
Second, the program management:
I agree with another reviewer that this is the first real book on program management (other than the program management standard, of course) that clearly distinguishes program management from project management and presents the relationship between them in a clear way. The basic concepts of program management are explained in a very clear way and the author offers comprehensive coverage in a cohesive fashion. I love the author's style of presentation. It makes learning easier and fun.

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Product Description:
In this book, best selling author, Paul Sanghera, offers cohesive, concise, yet comprehensive coverage of all the topics included in the PgMP exam. With a laser sharp focus on the exam objectives, the Study Guide goes beyond just being an "exam cram." The material is presented in a logical learning sequence: a section builds upon previous sections and a chapter on previous chapters. All concepts, simple and complex, are defined and explained when they appear the first time. There is no hopping from topic to topic and no technical jargon without explanation. Because no prior knowledge of program management is assumed, this book will be useful for both: those new to program management, as well as individuals with years of experience. Although the primary purpose of the book is to help you pass the PgMP exam, it will also serve as a great reference for the program managers before and after the exam.
Special Features:

    Hundreds of review questions with fully explained answers
    A complete practice exam with fully explained answers
    The real world scenarios to help you deal with the program management issues in the real world and also to answer the scenario based questions in the exam
    Notes and tips to highlight the crucial points
    Exam's Eye View section at the end of each chapter to emphasize the important points from the exam's perspective
    Key Terms section at the end of each chapter that lists the important terms and concepts introduced in the chapter along with their definitions
    The exam objectives fully explained before their coverage in each chapter

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