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Project Management for Small Projects
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Sandra provides real down to earth tools and techniques that are proven and work in managing small projects. Let's face it that is what makes up the bulk of what Project Managers do in organizations. What is great about the content is that each chapter builds progressively on the knowledge and considerations that need to be applied during the different phases of a project's life cycle. An excellent reference to have and share with project team members too so everyone starts on the same page and stays in concert throughout the journey and learning experience. I appreciate the stories and personal touches she integrates into the book.

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Easy-to-follow steps and a proven methodology specifically for managing small projects! Project Management for Small Projects introduces project management processes, tools, and techniques that are scalable and adaptable to small projects. Projects managers will learn a structured, disciplined approach to managing projects while balancing project needs with the project management methodology. Build a foundation in project management - Apply discipline in managing small projects to increase effectiveness and efficiency - Examine the importance of leadership - Become familiar with PMBOK® processes and terminology - Gain knowledge and skills for managing small projects that will make it easy to transition into processes used for large projects. PLUS -- Project Management for Small Projects includes practical tips and easy-to-use templates to help readers apply the tools and techniques presented throughout this valuable reference guide! Table of Contents: Part I: Project Management Discipline -- Project Management; Overview, Concerns for Small Projects, Managing and Leading Small Projects Pre-Project Activities, Part II: Project Management Process for Small Projects -- Process; Overview, Initiating Planning, Planning for Simple Projects, Controlling Closing, Part III: Additional Discipline -- Managing Multiple Small Projects; Building Effective Teams The Power of One, Time Management, Transitioning to Large Projects, Index.

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