Project Management Casebook Review

Project Management Casebook
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One of the few books on project management that I would not recommend: it remains anecdotic and it is difficult to translate into ideas that you can actually implement in your organization.

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How do project team member get the knowledge, skills, andattitudes needed to perform effectively? One proven method is throughthe case study approach. The book offers 50 case studies thatrepresent the breadth and importance of project management and itsimpact on the everyday management of projects.
Each of the cases provides new and unique challenges that have beenmastered by the practice of project management. Readers will be ableto apply the knowledge learned from this casebook in their work. Thecases enable readers to see how and why projects are used in a widevariety of organizational settings in contemporary life. Readers areexposed to both successful and not-so-successful project managementpractices. The case-study approach encourages reader participation andactive learning, and provides the opportunity to learn something ofthe real world of project management. It is essential in the curriculaof project management training for both undergraduate and graduatestudents, as well as for continuing education, consulting, andin-house company training programs. The cases were chosen for theirimportance in discussing the fundamentals of project management. Mostcontain descriptions of actual projects, and each is followed by aseries of questions to guide readers' analysis of the article tomaximize the learning process.

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