Critical Chain Project Management, Second Edition Review

Critical Chain Project Management, Second Edition
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If your organization finds itself mired in delays, budget overruns, andexhausted staff 'running around in circles,' critical chain projectmanagement (CCPM) deserves your serious consideration.
An excellent starton the road to dramatic improvements for managing your projects, this bookby Mr. Leach includes his practical experiences and numerous tips forsuccessful project management using the renowned Critical Chain approachcreated by Dr. Eli Goldratt.A key component of this work is theimplementation plan, which will jump start your planning for thebreakthrough solution to projects mired by bottlenecks and will set you ontrack for a process of ongoing improvement for your portfolio ofprojects.
This book does a superb job of walking you through the theory,the psychology, and the practical aspects of critical chain projectmanagement.Another key thread is how Larry integrates the PMI Body ofKnowledge principles with CCPM - a real plus for those who need the 'wholepicture.'
I highly recommend this work for those who are serious aboutmaking the dramatic improvements required to excel in the digitalrevolution - projects often are delivered 20% or more earlier usingcritical chain properly.Mr. Leach's book will get you started on theright track.

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Product Description:
The Artech House bestseller, Critical Chain Project Management, now builds on its success in a second edition packed with fresh, field-tested insights on how to plan, lead, and complete projects in "half the time, all the time." It provides you with expanded coverage on critical chain planning, multiple project selection and management, critical change project networks, OPM3, new Agile and Lean techniques related to critical chain project management (CCPM), and effective strategies for bringing about the organizational change required to succeed with this breakthrough method.
This cutting-edge work gives you full understanding of the CCPM techniques, tools, and theory you need to develop critical chain solutions and apply them to all types of projects. You get clear instructions on how to build single-project critical chain plans and how to stagger projects in a multiple-project environment. You also learn buffer management techniques for avoiding the pitfalls of committing too much or too little to any specific project, and for meeting project time and cost commitments every time. Moreover, the book integrates key features of PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) with critical chain to help you master key project management skills not covered in other critical chain books, such as scope control and risk management.
This easy-to-follow guide offers you the power to shorten project delivery time, eliminate cost and scheduling over-runs, manage project resources more efficiently, reduce stress on your project team, and finish projects that meet or exceed expectations. Over 100 illustrations help clarify this innovative method that has produced well-documented results in a growing variety of project environments.

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