Project Management in the Real World Review

Project Management in the Real World
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This book has a lot of specific good ideas gathered from a wide range of projects.

It is one of the few PM books coming from an IT organization that focuses more on the soft side of project management than on system development life-cycles.The material addresses the people factors of projects without becoming preachy.Each chapter provides an anecdote as an example, discusses the issue, and provides specific tips and ideas on how to handle the situation.

One rather unique chapter deals with self-promotion and office politics.Much as we hate this aspect of work, it is what it is.There are few texts that pack even a tenth of the useful observations on this subject in their entire volume as this "chapter" - really 4-5 pages - contains into such a small space.

This book differs greatly from Rita Mulcahy's "PM Crash Course", which walks through the PMBOK skills.As the author notes from the beginning - this is not an entry-level text for project managers.It is the kind of book where you shake your head as you go through the anecdotes, thinking "been there, done that"; the proposed resolutions are practical and do-able.Probably the closest analogous text I can think of is "The Project Manager's Survival Guide".

This is a fast read, and written in a fairly entertaining manner.But this is not designed to be read at a sitting and absorbed.Consider it as a job aid when you are in a tricky situation, so you can pull out this book instead of pulling out your hair.

The book is published by a British professional association.Amazon says it may take up to a month to deliver this book and that is about what I experienced.

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Product Description:
This highly accessible guide summarizes over 250 years of experience from professional project managers. It contains a wealth of knowledge that can be applied in a short period of time. It contains theory, international case studies and hints and tips on controlling budget, time, scope and people, to help make sure projects do not fall into the 84 per cent that 'Computer Weekly' estimates fail each year. The book is aimed at both public and private sector project managers.

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