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IT Project Management Handbook
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This book doesn't seem to fit the mold of any other PM book I've read.Although it's written as an end-to-end book by two authors, it is nearly an anthology in the scope and range of topics.The structure and sequence doesn't appear designed to teach project management.On the other hand, the techniques and processes presented are solid and reflect best practices in IT project management.
Section I starts out like any PM book by covering IT's unique environment and project management processes that align to it. This is one of the strongest sections because it covers project planning and estimating in detail.The chapter on estimating techniques and tools is especially good, as is the chapter on quality control.Section II follows with excellent material on risk management, best practices standards and system measurement techniques. This section also covers popular PM software applications, including Project Kickstart and MS Project, as well as other tools that are commonly used to plan, schedule and control IT projects.
It's in Section III where the book abruptly shifts direction.The chapters in this section cover network management and internet applications, and distributed objects and associated technology.While these are certainly topics that IT project managers need to understand, this section breaks the logical sequencing that was presented in the preceding sections.Despite this, the material does portray the challenges faced by IT project managers, and gives excellent advice for dealing with them.The wireless case study at the end of this section reinforces all of the key points that the authors make in the first three sections.
Section IV focuses on requirements and design, and, like Sections I through III, contain an abundant amount of information that represents best practices and sound PM methods.
Material that I particularly like include the focus on customer satisfaction (especially the approach to acceptance criteria), earned value, and project recovery methods.If you want a book from which to learn IT project management you may want to look elsewhere.However, if you're an experienced IT project manager you'll find this book to be full of techniques and information.In spite of the problematic structure I find myself referring to it frequently and have made it one of my primary references.

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Product Description:
Now you can manage IT projects quickly, easily, on time, and on budget!
IT project management has developed into a complex process with a broader scope of responsibilities than ever before. Here is the newest and most comprehensive book to offer winning insights and strategies on how to manage every step of the process. Written by two of this country's leading experts on IT Project Management, this extensive yet easy-to-use volume will give you the tools you need to successfully navigate your next IT project.
You'll learn how to avoid cost overruns and schedule delays, meet customer requirements, take control of budgets and resource allocation, build a successful team, and put to use many more tried-and-true methods of project management. The handbook includes a completely up-to-date overview of the best Internet services, current software, and repositories available via the Internet along with networking, e-commerce, reuse, prototype, modeling and simulations.
It's all contained in this user-friendly handbook that will soon become the foundation for every IT project you manage ... or take part in. Based on real-world practical experience and case studies, the Handbook will give you the framework to manage, improve, and build greater accuracy into every phase of your IT project management.
Here are just some of the systems, methods, tools, case studies, and techniques covered:
* IT Project Planning and Development Life Cycle Phases * Identifying Users, Customers, and Stakeholders * Customer Requirements Management * Project Modeling and Simulation * Customer Acceptance Criteria * Project Control and Recovery Mechanisms * Project Budgeting, Staffing, and Scheduling * Function Point and Earned Value Methods * The Gantt Chart, PERT Chart, and CPM * Risk Management - Assessment, Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Plan * System Management Standard * Project Measurement Schema * Project management Tools - Microsoft Project, Kidasa Software's Fast Track Schedule * Project Management Quality Control Mechanism * IT Networks and Internet Taxonomy * Wireless Technology, E-Commerce, and M-Commerce * System Software LifeCycle Model * System Integration Techniques * System Testing and Evaluation * Customer Satisfaction

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