Special Edition Using Microsoft Project 98 Review

Special Edition Using Microsoft Project 98
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This is an excellent and very comprehensive book.The coverage is very complete; in fact the main problem with the book is that the authors go into so much detail that it can be a little frustratingwhen you try touse the book as a reference.
For learning, however, it is perfect.Iworked through the book from the beginning, and found that it guided meaccurately and fairly quickly through setting up a 1200 man-hour 4 personproject.What I particularly liked was that it covered some specialsettings I happen to need in the course of covering the related topics,rather than having a chapter for each pulldown menu.For example, thereare many things you can do with the Task Information dialog, but the bookgoes back to that screen at different points in order to explain differentdetails.I needed to set my tasks as "Fixed Work", rather than"Fixed Units" or "Fixed Duration"; failing to make thissetting would have caused chaos for me, but chapter 10, "AssigningResources and Costs to Tasks", made the right answer quiteclear.
The book covers every aspect of Project 98.There are excellentsections on reports, views, and formatting, and good tips on how to tailorthe input screens to your needs.It also covers integrating multipleprojects and the use of macros and VB.Perhaps even more usefully, itreviews some basic project management guidelines as it goes through thetasks involved in setting up and tracking a project, so that it is almost possible to learn project management (or at least the planning and trackingskills needed) from this book at the same time as learning the toolitself.
The book is long--close to 1,000 pages of material--but projectmanagement is a complicated subject and the book is not to blame for that. However, the very thing that makes the book valuable for learning makes ita poor reference.For example, if you have a question about task data, alook in the index reveals six columns starting with "Task".Theanswer you want is no doubt there, but it may take some digging.Anotherexample: there are four separate chapters, covering 130 pages, just on thetopics of allocating resources and costs.This is a complex subject, butit makes it hard to swiftly dive in and get an overview of the tool'scapabilities in the area.
Overall, I think this is a terrific book to getfor learning to use Project 98.I'm still looking for the perfect quickreference though.

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Que's Special Edition Using Project 98 focuses on the latest features of this dynamic tool-including the improved scheduling engine-taking you to a new level of understanding and mastery. Written by an expert in the field, this comprehensive book provides all the information you need to understand the inner working of Project 98. Learn how to successfully manage resources, set up new projects, and integrate Microsoft Office 97 suite applications with Project. New feature icons are included for quick coverage. And, as an added bonus, check out the Macmillan Computer Publishing Web site for a complete field dictionary, updates, and much more! Explore the new features of this powerful tool with Special Edition Using Project 98 from Que!

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