Ready, Set, Succeed! How Successful Projects Triumph Over Business as Usual Review

Ready, Set, Succeed How Successful Projects Triumph Over Business as Usual
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It's amazing how simple techniques can make such a huge difference. Some of the techniques Linda mentions in her book could have helped me during my long management career. I see now that I've missed some important aspects of project management for years.

Linda writes one step at a time through the process of managing projects. I liked this approach, because she deals in each step with important issues I need to consider. Then, she provides techniques to better address them. For instance, she explains how to select the right project to work on. She defines what a project is and how it can benefit you. Once explaining this, she discusses how to select one appropriate project out of many under consideration, using an effective decision-making technique.

I found her book both readable and practical. She uses a real-life business as her model while she explains the process. She also provides several helpful forms I can use right away to manage my project. Although I haven't read many books on Project Management, I think this basic how-to book will help me further understand the dynamics of projects and assist me in finishing those I've been trying to complete.

Reading this book reminds me how essential Project Management is for anyone who manages people and resources. Not only will it help organize my work; it will give me a process and a way to follow up. I believe this is key to my success.

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Ready, Set, Succeed! shows entrepreneurs and small business owners, who are struggling to increase their profitability and triumph over their competitors, the strategies and solutions to make them a success. The book focuses on groundbreaking project management techniques to expand and grow a business. The comprehensive guide, which uses an easy to understand, step-by-step approach, can propel a company into a more successful operation and help it overcome the stumbling blocks that often hinder and deter growth. Using real life examples, the book walks businesses through the process of launching strategic initiatives and offers practical tips and advice through sample templates, formats and numerous helpful resources that any company can customize to its business or industry.

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