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Project Skills
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I needed to update me uderstanding of how to run a successful project and this book was recommended to me. I found the book well laid out, very informative and easy to follow. I structured my next project on the advice given and it worked. I was able to maintain control at all levels and completed the project succesfully and on time. I would recommend this book to any project manager, novice or experienced as there is always something to learn.

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Project Skills describes the best of the accepted project management techniques, taking the guesswork out of deciding which ones to apply at which stage.

The subject of project management has developed over the ages into a fairly precise set of techniques, definitions and practices that are applicable to running projects. More and more projects are being handled by non-specialist project managers. Elbeik and Thomas present a practical and accessible guide to managing projects of all sizes, not just large scale ones.

It also presents essential 'people' skills that are vital to making a project succeed. These include leadership skills, motivating others to deliver, communicating, holding meetings and how to manage change.

The New Skills Portfolio is a groundbreaking new series, published in association with the Industrial Society, which re-defines the core management skills managers and team leaders need to be competitive.Each title is action-focused blending 20th century management initiatives/trends with a new flexible skills portfolio for managers constantly experiencing and managing organizational and marketplace change.

The Industrial Society is one of the largest public training providers in the UK. It has over 10,000 corporate members.

Accessible, practical book on project skills
Includes project manager's toolkit
Especially suitable for non-specialist project managers

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