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New Directions in Project Management
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There are two things prospective readers need to know about this book:(1) it is focused in IT and software development project management, and (2) it is not a 'how to' book.
This is a collection of papers on advanced project management topics that experienced IT project managers will find enlightening and up-to-date with respect to techniques. The papers are divided into the following six topic areas:(1) Essential Concepts of Project Management, (2) Critical Factors for Project Quality, (3) Managing Business Relationships,(4) Effectively Managing Outsourced Projects, (5) Managing Special Projects and (6) Measuring and Improving Project Management Success.
What I like is that the book does not focus solely on software development projects, but covers areas that will interest project managements in infrastructure, oursourcing management and other IT functions.I also liked the following papers that address concerns of PMs from a larger perspective: "SEI CMM or ISO 9000: Which Is Right for Your Organization? ", "Incorporating Six Sigma Concepts into Systems Analysis" and "Managing Development in the Era of Large Complex Systems". In addition, there are many papers that address concerns common to all IT project managers, regardless of their functional area, including: "Business and IT: Developing Strategic Alliances", "Creating and Implementing a Balanced Measurement Program" and "Ten Ways to Improve Project Performance".
IT project managers will benefit greatly from the information presented in this book.It should be a part of any PMO library, and every consulting firm should have a copy available to its project managers.

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Organizations that rely on computing technology for survival understand the critical importance of managing projects that meet strategic goals and objectives. The diversity of business globalization and electronic commerce combined with the unceasing pace of technical change continues to challenge efforts for more proficient project management techniques. Presenting the tools you need to meet the challenges of the new business environment, New Directions in Project Management covers best practices in all areas of managing software development projects - practices that have been determined by measurable results not vague ideologies. In addition to a comprehensive treatment of software development project management, this book covers managing outsourced projects, team- and consensus-building, requirements definition, systems integration, measurement and metrics, and quality assurance testing. Rather than force-feeding a particular vision of project management and one methodology, the integrated approach combined with detailed concepts and techniques presented here offer you valuable advice and guidance for your project's success.Successful planning for the challenges of the new business environment will remain complex, but not unachievable. In this environment, project management cannot be viewed only as a solitary management activity but as a set of dynamic principles that can be cultivated and improved through practical experience. This demands the best of your skills. Covering software development project management from all sides, New Directions in Project Management gives you the advantage.

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