Master VISUALLY) Project 2003 Review

Master VISUALLY) Project 2003
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I took a Project course through work years ago, but didn't end up using Project on the job. Now they want me to start using Project at my new job. I didn't want to slog through a lot of text, so I bought this step-by-step visual book. Now all my Project skills are coming back to me. A great way to quickly review Project or learn it for the first time.

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Product Description:
* Delivers more than 600 two-color pages to help visually oriented project managers master the software, understand how changes affect the overall schedule, meet major milestones and deadlines, and get the job done on time and within budget
* Helps new users get up to speed quickly and walks the estimated four million current Project users through new program features
* Contains hundreds of succinctly captioned, step-by-step screen shots that show how to accomplish more than 300 tasks, from opening projects, defining task relationships, and assigning resources to evaluating progress and costs, resolving scheduling and resource conflicts, and creating professional-looking status reports

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