Managing High-Intensity Internet Projects Review

Managing High-Intensity Internet Projects
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This 240-page book lives up to the author's goals: (1) distill the essentials of managing 'Internet-time' projects into a short book, (2) give 'just enough information' to be successful, and (3) clearly show the differences between traditional PM approaches and an approach that takes into account the realities of most IT projects that are initiated in today's competitive environment.
He's met all three goals.First, the book is based on the assumption that you have PM skills and understand the basic techniques for planning, scheduling and controlling projects.It's the essentials that are important.Among these essentials are developing a strategy and dealing with project politics - the first is usually absent when projects are initiated, and the second is necessary because no matter how well versed you are in the techniques, you'll be a babe in the woods if you cannot manage the political aspects of a project or effectively negotiate.
Just enough information is provided for managing the project life cycle within a compressed schedule, with chapters on the software process, requirements, design and build and testing.There are also chapters that address project management techniques as they relate to high intensity projects, including managing progress, risk and people.
I like the emphasis on quality (not surprisingly based on inspections and walkthroughs, which is consistent with Yourdon's other published material), and defect and issue management.The discussion of heavy versus agile methods is also invaluable, and the recommended light process that the author provides appears to be workable for small-scale projects.In fact, for large-scale projects, such as ERP implementations and complex e-business initiatives I feel that more traditional methods are called for; however, considering that many projects are small, rapid implementations this book has a place on every IT project manager's bookshelf.If you are caught up in this type of project and find that your more traditional techniques hinder more than help, this is an ideal book.

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A rapid-fire guide to managing high-intensity software projects. Yourdon delivers instant, practical solutions for key challenges associated with Internet development. Softcover.

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