Managing by Projects for Business Success Review

Managing by Projects for Business Success
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This is a remarkably relevant, stimulating, practical and useful DIY book for international senior Managers and technical and administrative Supervisors, working in highly competitive businesses of all kinds, public or private, manufacturing or service.

It focuses on the complex and difficult change management problem of redesigning and restructuring organisations to achieve world-class levels of competitive performance to meet quality, service, cost, innovation and productivity targets.

What was found to be really exciting and motivational when reading the book is the way it is obviously based on extensive business application and its immediate applicability by the ambitious and determined General Manager and his team.It is a very self-contained handbook, a complete guide, with lots of details of experiences and proven practices readily transferable.The writers together have very wide experience to the highest levels of business management and leadership, as well as in education.

This is not another `guru-like' text, preaching idealistic theories but leaving the readers scratching their heads wondering how to usefully apply these.

A distinctive feature is the use of a proven, total systems approach building upon the principles of the internationally successful Toyota Business System, integrating the design and operational control of the three core processes of a business.Many examples are given of the approach for improving the operations, support and innovation/development processes and their cellular sub-processes, and organising and managing these to meet sets of demanding measures of performance.

It is not a specialist project management text and has only one chapter summarising best practice generic project and programme management techniques, applicable to all kinds of projects from very large to very small, down to the Kaizen continuous improvement team group level.It is supported by a very readable chapter describing lessons to be learned from a broad range of applications in a simple anecdotal style.

A lot of illustrative, detailed case examples are provided throughout the book from a range of sector enterprises, for example banks, hospitals, aerospace manufacturing, automotive manufacturing and the construction industry.

Chapter 1 rapidly involves and motivates the reader with an excellent, succinct, modern introduction and guide for Chief Executives and their teams, to the design of a business strategic plan.This combines an innovation and change strategy for a business, integrated with the operational strategy and financial plan, in the form of a competitiveness achievement project plan framework with defined benchmark performance targets.It also provides two comprehensive examples from a hospital effectiveness improvement project, and an aerospace-electronics new product introduction project, and describes how to set up a change programme management organisation for successfully managing large numbers of such innovative projects.

There are five follow-on chapters, which provide a remarkable wealth of examples from successful business practices, which cover the detailed design of business processes for sales and customer account development, the front support office, product and service introduction, cellular manufacturing operations, materials procurement supply chain management, software development, and the change management process.The final chapter focuses on making change stick, a well known area of challenge.

The book is particularly unique and practical, showing how to design in detail the multi-functional, natural group cellular team organisational elements which the are the core deliveryl mechanisms of a modern business process, and specify their target measures of performance to meet the business strategy.

The powerful use of trained temporary cross-functional task forces, with clear project targets and specifications, is described for delivering change, changing culture and achieving employee ownership.This is supported with a wealth of detail, advice on tactics, checklists, team role definitions, meeting-design rules, training programmes, and help with the choice of `significant emotional events' from the setting of stretched targets from benchmarking, to initiate major changes.

Best practice methodologies and organisational examples are widely described by application, and there are ten supporting, parallel book sections for reference, covering tools, techniques and methodologies to save the busy Change Manager's time.Essential management review procedures and management incentive scheme designs are explained because of the important need to motivate management teams through the use of measures of performance, cascaded down from the strategic benchmarks to effectively integrate top-down direction with bottom-up task force project implementation to close the change control loop.

This book is a wonderful tour-de-force, with a lot of substance, providing real value for Managers, but it will also certainly be an important support text for University post-graduate MBA and engineering students, due to its wealth of simulated real business experience and real life modern management challenges.

Jay Jaymohan - (CEO Of A Program Management Solutions Business)

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Product Description:

    How do you manage a company which runs hundreds of changing projects continually to maintain global competitiveness - what form of organization is used?
    How are the targets aligned to business strategy?
    Who sets the specifications or targets?
    How are they all reviewed?
    Who implements the results and how are these audited and checked, against the strategic framework, the targets set, and the results expected?

Managing by Projects for Business Success develops a detailed appreciation of the approach to practical application, together with a parallel set of detailed methodology sections, tools and techniques, to help put the principles into practice. It provides the professional change manager with a wide range of practical methodologies and case examples from leading international service and manufacturing companies, comprehensively backed up by extensive source literature references. It will also be an invaluable supporting text for university business and engineering courses, as well as for in-service courses for senior managers and professionals with its distillation of a wide range of practical experiences illustrated by best-price case examples from a wide range of industries.
Managing by Projects for Business Success develops along a backbone of six core chapters, from an initial definition of the strategic context for managing by projects, through explanation of a standard but flexible project process and then through specific application areas of generic importance to many organisations and enterprises.

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