What's New Microsoft Office Project 2007 (Epm Learning) Review

What's New Microsoft Office Project 2007
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I couldn't find a good summary from Microsoft of the new features in project server 2007.This books does a good job, pointing out the new features and explaining their purpose and benefit.There are several good step-by-step examples that help me understand it better.I would recommended that one copy is in your library if you are a project trainer or pmo manager.

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Thank you for choosing What s New Microsoft Office Project 2007. We designed this book as a quick learning guide to get you up to speed with the new features in Microsoft Office Project 2007. The content of this book derives from the Ultimate Learning Guide to Microsoft Office Project 2007, (ISBN: 978-1-934240-00-7) published 1/15/2007. Consider obtaining The Ultimate Learning Guide for a complete learning experience and reference manual, which includes the new features in Project 2007 presented in context with Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices and project management cycle.
Microsoft Office Project 2007 functionality remains mostly unchanged from its 2000-series predecessors; however, Microsoft added a few select features that greatly enhance Project s usability. Perhaps the most potent new feature is the long awaited multi-level undo capability. You can now set your application to support up to 100 levels of undo, and Microsoft added support for undoing macros. For project managers who spend much of their time using Microsoft Project, this feature alone, makes an upgrade worthwhile.
The 2007 edition introduces two additional planning support features to make your life easier. These include Task Change Highlighting and the new Task Drivers pane. Task Change Highlighting instantly highlights all affected tasks in your schedule to indicate the impact of the changes as you make them. The new Task Drivers pane provides you with instant feedback when you need to determine the factors driving a task start date. Finally, the new Visual Reports feature delivers the type of robust reporting capabilities that Project Managers have been yearning for since Projects introduction.Numerous smaller and more subtle enhancements round out the changes in Project 2007 and we cover these changes as well, after exploring the meat and potatoes. Enjoy!

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