Tools for Complex Projects (Ashgate Science and Religion S) Review

Tools for Complex Projects
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Practical book for a project manager to use in challenging or complex projects. Was able to use the different types of complexity with the project team to provide some insight into our challenges. Haven't used the tools yet but look forward to doing so - they are outlined clearly and practically. This book is for the practitioner not just a theorist.

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Product Description:
Tools for Complex Projects draws on the latest research in the areas of project management, complexity theory and systems thinking to provide a ready reference for understanding and managing the increasing complexity of projects and programmes.
The main part of the book provides a series of fourteen project tools. Some of these tools may be used at the level of the whole project life-cycle. Others may be applied ad hoc at any time. In each case, the authors provide: detailed guidelines for using the tool, information on its purpose and the types of complexity for which it is most appropriate, the theoretical background to the tool, a practical example of its use, and any necessary words of caution.

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