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Software Project Management
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This book takes one through a step-by-step approach to managing a project and along the way highlights the problems encountered by the Software Project Manager and means available to solve each of them. I particularly enjoy how this book not prescriptive, instead one is shown how to evaluate the specific needs of your particular project at each step enabling you to select from these options. Two case studies are provided which I suggest following in order to get the most value from this book.

There is comprehensive coverage of the subject with Feasibility, Methodology Choice, Program Management, Estimation, Risk Management, Resource Management and Project Tracking included. Valuable practicalities such as how to present your plan to other stakeholders are also provided. Each topic provides good coverage, for the more enthusiastic, the links to further information provided are very worth following.

This book is for those who really want to know about Software Project Management. Initially I was not such a person with this book being prescribed as part of my degree. After reading it, I have developed a real insight and interest in this field.

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Software project management is a crucial element in successful software and IT development, and requires students to develop an understanding of technical methodology and an appreciation of the many human factors that can play a part in software projects. The new fifth edition of "Software Project Management" has been fully revised and updated to help students to grasp these contrasting skills, and learn about new developments in the discipline. It provides both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a comprehensive introduction to software project management and has enjoyed a loyal following of users since the first edition published.

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