PMP: Project Management Professional Workbook Review

PMP: Project Management Professional Workbook
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I started reading the book as a reference tool and have actually found it very useful for the work I've been doing.I like how easy it is to follow.It condenses Project Management down into a readily available format which, for some of the things I've needed, is quite helpful.
While I haven't tried all of the exercises yet, the scenarios presented are real life and easy to identify as existing in any project or organization.
I also like the fact that ANSWERS get included in the workbook.I hate having to contact the instructor for the answers for questions in the text.I'd rather have them on hand for when I'm ready for them.
While designed to go with the study guide, the workbook can stand alone and really brings the content into focus.
Personally, I think the book works as an excellent "Quick Reference" guide as well as a workbook to study by.
Overall, I like what has been done!That's why I keep it with me.I'm seeing practical application of what I've studied in the pages of the workbook and I love having the information in such a user-friendly format.

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Solid project management skills are in especially high demand today as an increasing number of companies have refocused their attention on the fundamentals of project management, demanding more from their project managers than ever before. In addition to understanding basic project management theory, you must possess solid charting and diagramming skills in order to succeed as a project manager (and pass the PMP exam). This one-of-a-kind workbook presents scenarios and exercises that allow you to hone these hands-on skills. An indispensable learning tool for anyone preparing for the PMP exam or considering a career in project management, this workbook is also a perfect companion to the best-selling PMP: Project Management Professional Study Guide (ISBN: 0782141064).

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