Mastering Microsoft Project 2000 Review

Mastering Microsoft Project 2000
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The book is a good read for those new to MS Project, and would also appealto those who have used MS Project but haven't progressed beyond using MSProject to draw pretty Gantt charts.The features new in MS Project 2000are clearly highlighted.Issues such as the inter-play between work, unitsand duration are covered clearly.Other powerful MS Project features arecovered well such as reports, forms, Organizer, workgroup messaging, etc. Project Central issues are covered but it is on the light side....far fromMastery.Macros, VB applications, and the object model are covered wellenough to get the more technical folk's juices flowing.
Rich Eaton

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Provides a resource you need if you are new to project management or if you are an experienced project manager who has never used or been mystified by earlier versions of Project. Softcover.

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